Launch each Monday morning on an uplifting & inspirational call with Dr. Pete Camiolo, Co-Founder of ChiroCEO. In the Monday morning prayer call, Dr. Pete will share insights and prayer to help you gain peace, clarity and focus on what is most valuable to elevate your life and your business NOW.

“I AM the sum of who I surround myself with and by choosing to invest 15 minutes to begin my week with a community of doctors who are committed to creating impact and leaving legacy I am setting myself up to elevate and soar in business and life!” -Dr. Pete

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"Dr Pete released such blessing on us this morning! He prayed over our families, practices, teams, physical health, and personal journeys. My favorite part of this morning’s call was his reference to arising and “taking the land!” (stepping into our promised land). He said that “taking the land” is an internal mindset and then becomes an external reality. Again, such blessing in this 15 minute slice of time. Dr Pete: THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏼❤️" - Dr. Suzy Youngquist

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