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Lead Generation Ad Strategy

Creating the perfect client funnels to get the right audience to know, love, trust, and buy from you.

SEO Strategy

Creating the formula to rank keywords on the first page of google both locally and worldwide. White Hat SEO only.

Email Conversion Strategy

The Best formulas for layout and copy to achieve high open rates and content that converts to revenue.

Product Launch Strategy

Designing ads and email campaigns for product launches. (ie. online supplement sales.)

Online Programs Strategy

Developing online programs and courses and driving traffic through sales and value funnels and facebook ads.

Event Design and Sales Strategy

Strategize the event goals, speakers, and revenue. Design ad funnels to drive attendees and product sales.

I love to do onsite and virtual seminars.

Have the Top Marketer in the Natural Health speak at your next event or webinar. Dr. Dave captures the audience and gives tangible steps to implement his straegies. Most recent 2018 keynote --->

Marketing Strategy is my expertise.

The top brands in natural healthcare have trusted Dr. Dave as a lead marketing and branding strategist for their business growth. Schedule a strategy consult with me to determine the best direction for your marketing.

See what the experts have to say.

"Dr. David is one of the most brilliant digital marketers in the world today. He a very strong knowledge base and skill set when it comes to building a social media platform, Facebook ads, Google SEO and email marketing. Not only can he do many of these himself but he is also an powerful team leader. The most impressive quality David possesses is not just that he gets things done, but that he gets them done with excellence and is committed to making his marketing into a masterpiece."

-Dr. Josh Axe, Founder of DrAxe.com

"We are super excited to be working with David to boost our practice at DeMoss ChiropracTIC...we have already had an avalanche of new peeps in the first 2 weeks of utilizing his program! We are also SUPER EXCITED to be using him to help us sell the last 500 seats at CALIFORNIA JAM, so we can have our first SOLD OUT CALJAM! David thanks for all you do...together we will make the werld a much better place!"

-Dr. Billy Demoss, Founder of CalJam

"Dr Dave is a boss when it comes to knowing what people are attracted to, how they respond, putting together the strategy, and executing to get results. I've worked with many marketers, designers, and videographers...but nobody I have worked with has captured all aspects of the process like Dr Dave. He just knows what people like to see and what they respond to. It's something that I've found is not only unique, but a skill set that cannot be acquired through reading a book or taking a class. He's also done almost every aspect of the design and creation process so he knows what will work, what won't work, and how to get it done in a timely manner. He's good at what he does and has been a blessing to me and my business."

-Dr. Dan Sullivan, The Chiropractic Advocate

"Dr. David blows me away with how knowledgeable he is when it comes to digital marketing. His strategies are always on point, cutting edge and up to date with the current trends in the market place. I love how he is able to take a look at my businesses and know what strategy will work the best and how to get it executed immediately! He is truly passionate about what he does and always learning to make sure he delivers the best product!"

-Dr. Rob Vasquez, Designer Health Centers and The Happy Healthy Guys

"Dr. Dave continues to wow me year after year with his growing knowledge and expertise in an ever changing and complex digital marketing world. He consistently remains on the front lines in serving his clients and helping thier business remain on the top, I know first hand! You cannot cut corners without devistating consequences, Dave know this. For businesses with a message that must get out to the world and needs to be done right, hands down Dr Dave is the best! Thanks Dave for all you've helped me accomplish over all the years of entrepreneurship."

Dr. Pete Camiolo

-Dr. Peter Camiolo, The 10X Doctor and ChiroCEO